Body stress in the lower back may affect the nerve supply to the ovaries and uterus, undermining their efficient functioning. This may result in menstrual cramps, excessively heavy menstruation, irregular ovulation and infertility. During pregnancy it is essential to keep the lower back free of body stress as pressure in this area may cause tension of the ligaments connecting the uterus to the sacrum (the bone at the base of the spine).


This could lead to lower back discomfort and also may irritate the nerve supply to the legs resulting in leg pain (sciatica). A woman of 32, four months into her second pregnancy, was experiencing twinges of hip and leg pain. She dreaded the situation developing into the severe “pinched nerve” pain which she had undergone during her first pregnancy. After several sessions of BSR all lower back and leg pain withdrew. With monthly maintenance sessions she remained pain free until the birth.

Following the birth of her fourth child several months previously, a woman of thirty five was experiencing lower back pain and almost constant diarrhea. All medical tests were negative. After three sessions of BSR she no longer had diarrhea at night. Over the following six months, with regular BSR care, the tension in her lower back was relieved and the muscles were restored to their normal tone. The bouts of diarrhea became less frequent during this time and finally ceased.

There have been many cases in which women who were assumed to be infertile were able to become pregnant after the pressure had been released in the lower back. A woman of 24 tried to conceive over a period of two years. Her medical examination revealed that she was not ovulating. After three months of regular BSR she became pregnant.A mother of two girls had experienced mild lower back pain for several years. When it suddenly worsened she turned to BSR for relief. After eight sessions over a three month period the pain had completely cleared and she found to her amazement that she had become pregnant. Initially this was a shock as she and her husband had long abandoned the hope of having a third child - their younger daughter was eight years old. However they were delighted when their first son was born.