Body Stress Release is a health profession concerned with unlocking the tensions stored in physical structures, thereby assisting the body in restoring its maximum efficiency.

This gentle technique assists the body in its own healing process and brings effective relief from many forms of tension, pain and discomfort caused by the build-up of stress in the body.

When the stresses of life - whether mechanical, chemical or mental/emotional - reach the level of overload,the body is no longer able to adapt constructively. The stress becomes locked into the physical structures, causing pain, stiffness, numbness, headaches or postural distortions. This stored tension has an impact on the nervous system and undermines the body's natural ability to co-ordinate its functions and heal and maintain itself.

Body Stress Release brings effective relief from pain and discomfort from many different causes, including back pain, various types of stress and even sporting injuries.

Body Stress Release does not use medication or machines, nor does it involve massage, manipulation, pressure points or energy meridians. It is practical and logical. Body Stress Release uses information provided by the body to determine where stored tension may be undermining the efficiency of the nervous system, disturbing the body’s ability to co-ordinate its functions and perform at its full potential.

“To benefit fully from the body’s capabilities we need to accept responsibility for our lifestyle choices and realise that we do influence our state of health. To deny this responsibility would be to see yourself as a victim of your circumstances. This would lead you to seek an external solution and to believe that someone else will heal you. Of course, outside assistance may help, but it is your own body that does the healing. When we accept responsibility we access the power that lies within us.” Gail Meggersee -Self-Healing with Body Stress Release.